BRILLIADOR: Granite Recrystalizing System


Two-component system – liquid + powder

For the recrystallization of granite and other hard stones. Based upon the technology of recrystallization, BRILLIADOR is used to refresh and polish all granite surface


Treatment of worn and lustreless stone floorings to restore their perfect shine. Punctual reworking of built-in granite stones on site. Perfomance of general polishing work in production sites and work shops.


Mix recrystallizing powder with liquid in the proportion of 1 to 1 to a viscous mixture before applying it to the stone surface. Use a special low-speed and heavyweight single-wheel recrystallizing machine with stainless-steel pads and move it several times in even crossed lines over the surface until the powder-liquid-mixture is entirely worked up and the flooring is shining brilliantly. Repeat this application a second or third time, if necessary, until the desired shine or high gloss is reached. Subsequent to the application, thoroughly clean the treated surfaces, with water and cleaner.

Very important: Do not use any water when mixing or applying the product

Warning: It is absolutely necessary to appropriately protect and cover adjancent building parts and furniture. The manufacturer and/or distributor will not be liable for any damage resulting from wrong application

PH-value = 2

Delivery lot:

Plastic container of 5 kg or 5 litres respectively.
R 22 – harmful if swallowed
R 36 – irritating to eyes

Important note:

For further information, please refer to the safety – technical data


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